Vision: It visualize a society where every human being have freedom, equal opportunity and dignity and participate without any discrimination based on caste, class, creed, colour, religion and gender for optimum sustainable development through integrated and holistic approach.

Believes: Equality, Justice and Dignity, Non-Judgemental and Non-discrimination.


Empower the people and impart a feeling of ownership towards their well-being and welfare so that the people themselves could take initiative to maintain their overall living condition.



  1. Taking steps towards filling the gaps that exist between the people/community and the services through integrated and holistic approach of intervention.

  2. Create an environment where everyone can play the role and participate towards for the promotion of optimum sustainable development.


  1. Governing Board Members:

  • Chairman : B.Lalchhanzova

  • General Secretary : C. Lalmuanthanga

  • Treasurer : C Lalhmangaihzuala

  • Livelihood Business Leader : Khaiginmunga

  1. Partners:

  1. Development Focus (DF) Bangalore

  2. Church Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA)

  3. Mizoram State Aids Control Society (MSACS)

  4. National Bank for Agriculrure and rural Development (NABARD)

  5. Charity Foundation India (CAF) India

  6. Paul Hamlin foundation (PHF)

  7. Deendayal Antyodayal Yojana - National Urban Livelihood Mission (DAY-NULM), Urban Dev. & Poverty Alleviation Government of Mizoram


All 9 Districts in Mizoram State


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