Project How Are You?   is a project funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation,London.

It is a multi facet from personal to family, community and larger social context. Focusing on individual development through family strengthening with the help of diverse support system. It is not confine to single helping system but a wide range of support system on need base. It targets personal well-being to be a good family member, improving family economy and towards promoting sustain family life.

The HAY project started rolling out from the month of January ,2019 where 20 localities are selected out from  Aizawl East and North II zones.To built a good rapport with the biggest NGO in Mizoram,a meeting is held with the President of Central Young Mizo Association( CYMA) and an information letter about the project is given to all the branches of YMA of the selected localities.A Community Based Organisation(CBO) meeting which include members of MUP,MHIP ad YMA is held in 5 localities already and will be proceed further.In collaboration with the CBOs, families are shorlisted.These shortlist families are assessed with the the Measuring Coping Capacity Toolkit(MCC) and the Need Assessment Toolkit(NAT).Till date 70 HAY  FAMILIES are selected.It is witnessed that the there is a high demand of this project in different localities of Aizawl ,which could later be taken as a part of this project.

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